Refactoring’page~’post~’aa_book~’aa_event_session~’aa_experience_report~’aa_glossary~’aa_research_paper~’aa_video)~tags~(~’refactoring))~searchTerm~’~sort~false~sortDirection~’asc~page~1) This week we’ll be covering refactoring which is a very simple but also very important concept to software design similar to models, the topic I covered last week. The reason why I’ve chosen to talk about refactoring is because while it’s a topic that hasn’t been specifically covered in class; I have had experienceContinue reading “Refactoring”

Thoughts on YAGNI

The link at the very bottom is an article focusing on a design philosophy YAGNI which is one of the topics we’re supposed to cover in class, though we haven’t gotten to it yet as of my writing this. The name is an acronym of “You Ain’t Gonna Need It” which is basically means ifContinue reading “Thoughts on YAGNI”


Hello, my name is Rainiery and I’ve started this blog for the class “Software Construction, Design & Architecture” as well as for my career down the line.

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