Sprint 3 Retrospective

Like the second sprint, our team focused on developing the frontends, backend, and keycloak of the inventory system for the third sprint. I mostly continued work on the backend API and the Event System components. For the Event System, I specified what data has to be sent to the Reporting System. When adding inventory, the weight and the ID, which are integer and string values respectively, have to be sent. When removing inventory, the weight and the donor’s name, which are also integer and string values respectively, have to be sent. I also added a subsystem folder to the backend and inserted a basic JavaScript file called “send.js”. I’m pretty sure that Matt even added the code for one of the backend functions into the subsystem directory. I needed to edit “send.js” so that it could send the correct information but I ran out of time. For the API, I feel that I did all that I could considering I wasn’t able to test it with docker, either locally or with the docker-compose.yaml file. I was able to add Weight, ID, and Donor to the schema and finish the API code for the getInventory, removeInventory, and addInventory methods. I also added an unauthorized 401 response for each of the three methods for token authorization. However, I wasn’t able to fully implement token authorization to the API since Mike wasn’t able to finish work on the tokens.

This sprint, I feel, was messier than the last two since our team was mainly trying to finish up what we had leftover form sprint two and do whatever we could before the end of the semester. It feels like that lack of direction was one of the factors that affected the rate at which I performed my tasks. I already mentioned what I did during the sprint which I think isn’t really nearly enough of what I wanted to do. I wanted to finish up what I had leftover from last sprint in a week or two and completely focus on the event system and maybe help out on the backend functions. What ate up most of my time was trying to test the API with docker which I wasn’t even able to do in the end. And I couldn’t even take advantage of the extended deadline since most of my finals were on the week following the new due date. I was only able to make the subdirectory and the basic send.js file during that time span. What I’d want to improve on as a team is to set a clear goal since I feel that was one of the factors on why I think I wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted to similar to what I said last retrospective. As an individual, I really need to brush up on docker since I couldn’t test the backend correctly even though I based it on the stoney-manage-items example on GitLab. I couldn’t even get the example itself to run on docker either, neither locally or with the docker-compose.yaml file.

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